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Reactivate Latrobe Valley lends temporary access to studios, workspaces, shops and galleries for artists, creatives and community groups to run their projects. Transiting Cities aims to reactivate the Town Centers of Latrobe  Valley by profiling and enhancing the creative industries network through a pop-up shop, pop-up event and pop-up installation initiative, connecting people to spaces and opportunities, adding culture to the look and feel of the city streets.



Terms – All are with a 30 day notice period  
Costs Variable – Nominal participation fee  per week plus outgoings

Who should apply?
We are looking for, creative individuals with ideas that they want to bring to reality, makers with products to sell, artists looking for a way to present their work, performers looking for exposure, musicians wanting to get known, someone with a skill and would like to run a workshop teaching others, and if you want to meet like-minded individuals working to bring their ideas to reality.

Why you should apply
If you are an online-only operation or only have had experience selling your product online, this would be an opportunity for you to experiment with a brick and mortar style operation without being anchored to it. This would be an exciting opportunity to experiment with new and alternative business models. It can be treated as a platform to test new ideas with minimal risk.
For artists, this would be an opportunity to showcase your work and to tell the community what you are about. We are looking forward to seeing a range of different type of works, from paint to sculpture and installations to digital media.

If you have a unique skill or talent, this would be a chance to share it with your community. Get together with several like-minded individuals and take over one of the spaces offered to run workshops or teach classes. Share your passion with the world at large. 

There are several considerations for proposals
Original work –Everything must be your own creation. This is an opportunity for creative individuals to expand their audience and test what a brick & mortar opportunity is like. 

Opening hours – Projects need to have set hours and be open more than they are closed (Exceptions apply). Projects would have a responsibility to participate in the event opening and tours. We are looking for people who would use the spaces for their maximum potential.
Ready to go – There is a very tight turnaround to get these spaces ready for operation. This means that once we have approved your proposal, you only have a couple of weeks beforehand to prepare and get into the space.


Please think through your proposal thoroughly, we appreciate good ideas, but it is important to be able to communicate that idea effectively. We will also try to help connect you with local suppliers, if you need them.

It would be useful to include the following;
Images of your products/work.
Links to blogs, websites, existing online presence.
CV or portfolio (Personal and/or members of your group).
Ideas/References on how your will be presented.