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Welcome to the Transiting Cities: ReActivate Latrobe Valley

Transiting Cities seeks to help Latrobe Valley shift from existing forms of economic dependence to new, sustainable and resilient models. The will focus on creative practices as an agent of change while taking advantage of the flexibility of temporary occupation as a method of enabling change.

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Latrobe Valley has, and is, undergoing significant economic transition as we shift from traditional forms of manufacturing to new forms of economic being. Action is required to enable cities to successfully transform into alternative modes of existence.

The transition of regional centers into alternative futures cannot be solved through the actions of one discipline, nor a single policy attempting to institute a charge or a quick fix solution. Transitioning Cities require the awareness, contribution, and coalescence of multiple disciplines in collaboration with an array of stakeholders working together to solve the problem, and seek opportunities, in how we might adapt, and in particular secure Latrobe Valley, for future generations.

Transiting Cities: ReActivate focuses on the potential for creative practices to enable economies as agents for cultural, environmental, and political change within an increasingly complex world. The intention is to begin with the context in its existing condition, not from a distant goal, in order to seek out and utilise and bolster existing qualities rather than inventing everything anew. As such it is concerned with small places and brief spans of time, as well a range of inherent conditions at various points in time. Temporary occupation may then be understood as symptoms of an alternative visioning of urban planning, that does not leave development to government regulatory bodies and the unpredictable economy alone, instead it will explore innovative forms of appropriation for the Latrobe Valley. The quintessential landscape which is Latrobe Valley offers a unique opportunity for creative industries, events, and activities to exist and activate spaces in transit, vacant sites, and redundant infrastructures, simultaneously bolstering existing condition whilst organising and enhancing possible futures of this regional center.

The Re-Activation phase of this work aims to ReConnect, ReMake and Revive Latrobe Valley through community based building strategies. These strategies aim to captialise on the communities current potentials that explore the creative economies as the primary catalyst for re-activation whilst at the same time aiming to intensify town centers, strengthen the community and micro industries, which in turn begin to transform and rebrand the area.

We are calling on the local community, small industries, creative individuals, and collectives to become involved through the following key activities of Transiting Cities: ReActivate- Project HQ.

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Transiting Cities  ReActivate HQ:

 Will house a semi permanent exhibition in Latrobe Valley that will showcase the winning entries from the international design ideas competition Transiting Cities conducted in the first stage of the transiting cities project. The ReActivate headquarters will also be the management office for the festivals and pop up shop initiatives.

We are seeking volunteers to assist in initiating conversations between the winning entries and the running of the pop up shop headquarters.

Transiting Cities Pop-ups

Aims to reactivate the Town Centers of Latrobe Valley by profiling and enhancing the creative industries network through a pop-up shop, pop-up event and pop-up installation initiative.

We are seeking creative individuals or collectives to participate in the pop-up initiative. We are also seeing local business owners and suppliers who want to be connected to the project and the local creative industry.

Transiting Cities Festivals

Aims to revitalize the local streets through the rebirth of the street festival to Latrobe Valley, inspiring change by revealing what is possible locally.

We are seeking volunteers to help organize the event as well as market stall owners who wish to take part in the Festival.

If you are looking to take part in the festival, please visit www.latrobevalleyfestival.com



Re-Activate HQ



Register Your Interest

Expression Of Interest 

We are always on the lookout for people who are excited and keen on helping out with the ReActivate: Latrobe Valley project. This is your chance to help make a difference in your local region. 



For those who are interested in helping out as well as learning about the perks of volunteering.


For local business owners who want to make connections back into the community.

Pop-Up Participants

For those who have an idea of an event or store to run in one of the Vacant Spaces around Latrobe Valley

Property Owners

For those with vacant properties around the Latrobe Valley Region who wants to see a positive change.

Market Participants

For those who are interested in owning a market stall in one of the Festivals.

Transiting Cities Headquarters

Feel free to drop by our headquarters at,
226 Comercial Road, Morwell, VIC, 3840.

Or give us a call at our office in Melbourne at
+61 3 9925 0817