Transiting Cities: Re-Activate aims to Re-Connect, Re-Make and Re-Vive Latrobe Valley through community building strategies. These strategies aim to build on the community’s current potentials that exist in the form of creative economies. These are to utilised as the primary catalyst for Re-Activation whilst simultaneously aiming to intensify town centers, strengthen the community, support micro industries, and in turn begin to transform and Rebrand the region.

We are calling on individuals to join the Transiting Cities ReActivate project by volunteering time to become involved and Make a Difference!

Do you want to acquire new skills, meet new people, put your talents to good use, whilst making a difference? We are looking for individuals who are interested in helping implement the start of the Re-Activate phase of the project, and the ongoing running and communication of the project to the public.  

Some of the tasks for which require assistance are;  the transformation of existing shops, the set-up of  transiting cities HQ in Latrobe Valley, guides communicating the intention of the project to the general public, and  assisting in the media campaign. We will have two bases, one in Morwell and the other in Melbourne. 

If you have any further questions please contact us either by email or phone. 

T: 03 9925 0814

M: 0418 226 210



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