Latrobe as a network city, Low Carbon Futures, An Integrated Vision!
  • Produce intelligent innovative short and long-term transition strategies for an adaptive and vibrant regional centre.
  • Consider Latrobe city as a network of smaller townships which are individual and unique.
  • Develop an integrated vision for social, economic, environmental and infrastructural design outcomes.
  • Consider how to transform the region into an innovative hub for low carbon solutions.
  • Design strategies for new sustainable and alternative economies for the region. 
  • Rethink the region as a self sustainable centre that seeks opportunities for increased export.
  • Rethink the region’s productive landscape and consider how it can transition into new types of production to benefit the community.


The Regional Landscape, the Local Economy, Through Community Building!
  • Be regionally opportunistic through a consideration of its qualities.
  • Design opportunities for a diverse range of micro to macro economies.
  • Develop strategies to generate an intensive, positive and connected community.


New, Innovative and Alternative Cities of the Near Future, Strengthen Identity!
  • Design a transition strategy which produces an innovative city, an integrated city, a low carbon/sustainable city and a community city.
  • Design possible futures for growth and adaptation that considers the rehabilitated of mines, associated infrastructures and the townships that are dependent on their futures.
  • Consider how the region could be a new iconic regional cultural hub.
  • Design opportunities for Latrobe to be considered as an innovative eco and adaptive regional city.


Rehabilitated Mines, Redundant Infrastructures, Multiple Cultural Hubs of a Local Productions
  • Develop adaptive solutions for the existing 20th century industrial landscape, for a 21st century innovation.
  • Re-work existing mine infrastructures, streetscapes and low income housing. 
  • Enhance the profile of local productions; cultural, intellectual, agricultural, industrial etc.
  • Develop strategies for considering the network of townships as multiple cultural hubs.
  • Re-imagine, re-work and re-trofit redundant infrastructures or depressed landscapes.


Celebrate the Past , Intensify Town Centres!
  • Consider growth strategies which intensify town centres.
  • Revitilise, revamp, the experience of the multiple town centres
  • Design opportunities where the regions industrial past can be utilised to build and strengthen its future.
  • Design opportunities for existing transportation systems to be considered as an integrated network connecting multiple town centres through diverse modes.
  • Design to strengthen existing ecologies and landscapes.