We hope to profile and showcase a wide range of locally produced art, design, music, technology, crafts and products. If you have a unique or locally made and sustainable product - we'd love for you to be part of our festival.


Friday 21st - 23rd November 3pm - 9pm

Commercial Road, Morwell Town Center & other Satelite Locations.

Winter Night Festival 2014
Market Stall Participants

Helen Timbury.jpg

Helen Timbury Design

Helen Timbury works from her studio in Drouin, Victoria. Themes of landscape and place, plants and animals are inspired by her love and knowledge of the Australian wilderness. Trained as a graphic designer and illustrator, her colourful limited edition linocut prints adorn beautiful boxed card sets and other printed paper paraphernalia.

Hello Florence Magazine

Some may say that 'Hello Florence' is the Valley version of 'Frankie' or 'Yen' magazines. With it's vintage flow, Hello Florence will open up to you with new ideas, thoughts, passions and stories. 

It's all local which allows you to learn more about the young, vibrant and different culture that exists. Hello Florence allows your mind to be free for a couple of minutes while you sip a cup of tea and smell the fresh country air.

Cakes By Karen

Specialising in Custom Designed Cakes, Cake Supplies and Decorating Classes, we love what we do and we love helping you create your dream cake! Our store is located in Traralgon, Victoria, and includes a cake decorating supplies shop, and a full Commercial kitchen where we create our amazing cakes, teach classes and hold Kid’s Cupcake Parties.

Latrobe Valley Young Professionals

Latrobe Young Professionals is a group of young people working to build social and professional networks to keep young minds in the Latrobe Valley.
The Latrobe Young Professionals run regular events for its members and anyone else interested in coming along. Our events help people living and working in the Valley. Above all, we aim to have fun! We also promote and run personal development events.



Skitehollow is a local group comprised of 3 young aspiring artists between the ages of 18 and 19. While mainly focusing on digital art and selling prints, commissioned portraits and artworks are very available. Even if you have no intentions to purchase anything feel free to stop by the Skitehollow stall if you want to just have a chat with one of it's friendly members to learn a little about the art they do.


Morwell Neighbourhood House

Morwell Neighbourhood House and learning Centre  is a not-for-profit organisation which has been a focal point for community involvement, social networking & lifelong learning opportunities since 1983. MNHLC is a place for the whole community, for people of all ages, race and genders. It is a place where people care, a place to find encouragement, support and information, share skills, talent, knowledge, time and resources.

Kissed by Cake

Kissed By Cake is based in Morwell. We have a delicious range of cupcakes to delight your taste buds! We also offer Spectacular cakes for Special occasions, creating beautiful bespoke custom cakes Everyone deserves to be Kissed By Cake!


Twins Pantry

Twins Pantry offer you top quality savoury treats and honey caramelized nuts as we only use natural Australian-grown ingredients and not use genetically modified foods.

We are really passionate about the food that we deliver to our customers as we would like everyone to feel the passion that we put into each of the treat that we produce. The nuts are delicious and they meet the high expectation of the customers.


Steph Kay Photography

Steph Kay focuses on  model portfolios, fashion and beauty shots and weddings but is able to do everything else in between in order to capture life's beautiful moments.

Hope of All Hearts

Hope Of All Hearts is handcrafted jewellery made by Lacey Yeomans.

Lacey loves bright colours and shapes and uses this as an inspiration to create vibrant, bold and unique necklaces, earrings and rings. Hope Of All Hearts jewellery adds that splash of colour to any outfit and is suited for both guys and girls.


Morwell Centenary Rose Garden

The internationally recognized Morwell Centenary Rose Garden forms the western entrance to the Morwell Central Business District.

4 acres of garden with 150 beds contain 3000 roses drawn from a professional selection of 305 varieties of recent hybrids and traditional favorites  This is a Community Volunteer Project.


Phapibo Designs

Locally Created, Unique and Original Spiritual Art and Design

- Hand printed/Hand painted Mandala and Tribal Art
- Clothing
- Cards and Prints
- Framed and Unframed Art

Jindi Farms

Specializing in Native Australian Bush Foods, their farm is located in West Gippsland and they produce a range of bush food seasonings and products. During the festival, Jindi Farms will use the bush food seasonings on chicken to make take away food – warm chicken rolls, salad and popcorn chicken.

Fashion Primitive

The motto behind Fashion Primitive is to support and promote indigenous method of hand spun, hand woven and hand or simple machine sewn fabrics and textile fashioning.  This textile collection house aims to create a vibe for interchange, exchange and sustainable living and styling between cultures and countries by promoting the use of ethnic, quality fabrics and work of artisans in our daily life.

The Button Ladies

Janine and Kerry have been selling uniquely crafted buttons at local markets since 2014. They have a range of approximately 320 different button in resin wood, shell and coconut. Button sizes range from 11mm to 60 mm.  There are a wonderful range of patterns and prints on each button.



Minutiae is about being drawn in to small and minor details. The terrariums and miniature scenes behind glass invite you to look more deeply at the natural and human-made world.   These tiny replica worlds are assembled in Morwell, where nature and industry collide.

Fizzy Face Painting

We provide fun entertainment at kids parties for children of all ages across Gippsland!

Our artists are ready to make every child’s party a blast whether it’s their birthday, a special function or even a special corporate event.  Our Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Discos, Fairies and Pirates and Science Shows are a hit.

a amendola.jpg

A. Amendola Bookbinders

We are leather work we do leather bags, journals book covers, silver and copper jeweler, lamb wool kids vests, lamb wool mittens and more.
We are also bookbinders , we restore old books no job to small or too big, nothing it's impossible to restore.

GREENworks Press

GREENworks Press is a vibrant open access print studio run by printmaker Kate Zizzys, that offers technical support and editioning facilities to artists and the Morwell community .

this space logo.png

This Space Art Gallery

Olivia King and Melissa Brennan bring to you, This Space, a locally based Artist Run Initiative.
We are funded through the Transiting Cities, Reactivate Morwell program. We aim to use this stall at the Winter Night Festival, as a promotional tool for our upcoming artist run space/gallery. We will be holding a Pop Up Exhibition, and will have information to hand out on the night, ie: posters, brochures.



Originally a street food from Korea and has become very popular in Australia. A novelty food. They are a fun way of eating hot & crunchy chips. Twistto is a whole potato, cut into a slinky and spiralled onto a bamboo skewer, dipped in a light batter, deep fried and customers have a choice of 10 delicious salts to choose from. Say good bye to normal chips. Have a Twistto instead.


Yummy Gozleme


Eco Hub Gippsland

The Renewable Energy Demonstration Trailer is an initiative of GippsTAFE and the Gippsland Climate Change Network. The trailer will tour schools, businesses and public areas bringing renewable energy technology and energy efficiency awareness to the public and business sectors.

Saris Restaurant

We proudly serve our traditional Indian cuisine in Traralgon, bringing the tastes of civilisations, wonder and mystery to Gippsland.

Projector Artists


Joyce & Cheri

Joyce Nowrungsah and Cheri O’Donnell are multimedia artists practicing from studios in Bairnsdale Victoria.  Graduating with a Masters degree from Monash University, they have a strong painting, printmaking and sculpture background that has evolved into collaborative works that use new technology as a means of expression and communication.

Ronald Edwards.jpg

Ronald Edwards

Ronald paints the markings of the Gunai Kurnai people of south-eastern Australia, including the dreamtime story of Borun and Tuck - the pelican and duck.


Neil Chenery

Neil Chenery was born in Melbourne, Australia. He works with manipulated digital photography combining images of clouds, the moon and other subjects with damaged and marked surfaces and the residue of marks and stains on art studio tables and easel boards. These works are concerned with the power of nature, the unreliability of memory and the resilience and fragility of life.


A short animation exploring the idea of Latrobe Valley as a popup diorama.

TVFH SP ausnet 1.png


"positive/negative" is a short film about electricity, and was the winning entry in THE GRID, SPausnet short film competition 2009, ran by latrobe city. the music was also composed by THE VIEW FROM HERE.

Yongho Moon

New Moon is the film to celebrate ‘Chuseok’, the biggest harvest festival in Korea.
The film starts slowly but intensity builds. It’s dynamic and energetic. The excitement builds and we see an explosion of celebration—The spirit of the ‘Chuseok’ festival. In a flood of light we finally see our stunning new moon.

Hinterland still.jpg

Idyll Riot Quartet

The Idyll Riot Quartet is a fluctuating media ensemble working in experimental audio, cinema and installation. They utilise a variety of idioms traversing incidental atmos, personal diaries and absurdist polemical inquiry.

Middle Ground

Middle Ground is a digital media piece produced by OUTR.

Jamie Cummins

New Glitch Media

Digital media artist Donna Maree Robinson, sound artist Fiona Bishop-Vuibeqa and visual artist Tracey Johnson teamed up to produce a series of new media works as a contribution to the focus on Mackay’s history in 2012, its sesquicentennial year. 
The objectives of the work were to collect new stories, particularly those depicting lesser-known histories of Mackay, to foreground the lives of ordinary people and revive stories and images for which there may be no written or photographic record. 

Brett Ashby

Brett’s art explores the process of society and humanity. His photomontage style is a process of production that tells a story of everyday life within his subject. Just like his art shows, Brett curates imagery through the face of iconic symbolism creating a microcosm within reality. Ashby plays with the standards of beauty to communicate savagely funny messages that tell his story, our story, or whatever you see it to be.



Image series by David Wakefield.

Strangers in the Valley

Through curiosity of space Steph Kay has developed a practice that explores the way that we as humans occupy and engage space, as well as the relationships that emerge through spatial and object intervention. She is particularly interested in the studio/gallery space and the contemplative space that exists/occurs when artists and viewers encounter that space transferred into a broader community.

Leongatha High School

The curated works of the students will be featured in the projection.


Skitehollow is composed of three local emerging artists, Brandon Chung, Dylan Langmaid and James Horner. Skitehollow specializes in digital art, exploring different, yet complimentary worlds of creativity. Skitehollow is a uniquely innovative, young group and definitely worth investigation.




Michael Brennan

My work is a playful fusion of drawing and painting. It presents images confined within the space of the canvas yet somewhat undefined; each occupying their own space within the composition. Shapes, lines and colours evoke notions of illusion yet fall short of articulate representation.




Paper Dolls

Formed in 2013, the Paper Dolls Dance Studio offers classes, workshops and performances, right here in Latrobe Valley. The growing studio is led by Talulah Lou, a local dancer who leads her students in the art of burlesque, bellydance, Bollywood, Charleston and more!


Karavana Flamenca

Karavana Flamenca plays heart- wrenching Spanish gypsy music, with fire! Fusing the roots of rumba from Africa and Cuba to its final destination ,Spain, with a contemporary sound.

Miguel Ovejero sings in his native Spanish/ Romany languages and plays flamenco guitar. Guitars, bass and percussion drive the rhythm; vocals, oud and violin sing the haunting tunes.

The breath-taking energy, upbeat rhythms and soulful melodies of Karavana Flamenca spells Gypsy Fiesta every performance!

The Nigellas

The Nigellas are a Gippsland based group that perform traditional folk, Celtic tunes and bluegrass style ballads. Featuring fiddle, tin whistle, banjo, guitar, mandolin and bodhran, the blend of acoustic instruments, when combined with Nigella, the double bass, produces a rich melody. Singing that is motivated by the band’s Celtic heritage rounds out a rich and pleasing sound that is as enjoyabletoday as it was in the days of old. Performances are all about having the ‘craic’ and sharing the group’s love of Celtic and folk music.

Latrobe Valley voices.jpg

Steve Schultz Drumming Circle

Dance with me is a chance for everyone in our community, no matter what age or ability, to kick up our heels and have a laugh with each other.


The 350's

Acoustic Blues trio from the Gippsland area playing low down and dirty blues.

Sabrina Salvatore

A graduate of the Australian Institute of Music, Sabrina is a local artist based in Traralgon, and plays a variety of music, often covering contemporary pop songs.